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Small Airport Design is my practice.

I provide fresh ideas, efficiency and elegance that add significantly to your investments: from safety studies to site planning & models, detailed facilities design, submittals and implementation plans.

Allow me to look at your project in its infancy, or as a mature facility. I promise you will enjoy the benefits.

Big Sky Theory -- Not


October, 2011, there was a midair.

It occured less than 4 miles from Aurora State Airport, UAO, and 25 miles south of Portland International, PDX. There needs to be a list of key factors leading up to such a tragedy. What are they? What is missing in the system and from our practices that contributes to such devastating occurances. Preliminary info from NTSB is sketchy at best.

Safety at Uncontrolled Airports


Can we do better? I say we can. We must.

In my last post, better safety practices at and around uncontrolled airports was the focus. General Aviation News writer Janice Wood commented earlier this year that National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) put improving General Aviation (GA) safety and saving lives atop its most wanted list.

Safety Project for Uncontrolled Airports: As a community we need to do better

Like many pilots, safety is my top priority. It is no surprise that EAA and NTSB have safety on their most wanted list, and State Departments of Transportation and FAA have a squad of safety officers circulating through the system looking for ways to raise the bar on safe operations. Read full safety paper with images

The near-loss of the Santa Paula Airport

Winter 2005.

This is an account of the catastrophic near-death experience of the Santa Paula Airport, and my involvement in the subsequent restoration and upgrade.                         Read the full story

About Design & Design Development

At center is a key question:
How might you bring the most value to and from limited resources, optimizing the values of your property, your investments, your business and its operations?

The best answers warrant extensive design inquiry, and will include determination, well-informed proposals, layers of study, illustration & refinement and often modeling; iterations and re-iterations -- until there is a breakthrough and a strong a sense of fulfilled requirements. And, of course, a wow!

Anything less, and continued design development is called for.

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