Airpark: Commercial & RTTF


The flying population is aging, with baby-boomers retiring or cutting back their work. Many fliers look at airparks like a slice of heaven. Walk downstairs, open the hangar, preflight the bird, roll it out, fuel it up and the runway is a few-hundred feet away.

In most cases a private flier can beat commercial carriers in a door to door time comparison with any reasonable cross-country airplane on flights within, say, a thousand miles. If fliers have a passenger the per-seat cost becomes competitive and often beats the commercial offerings --especially when you include driving, parking, taxi, limo and train in the overall analysis.
For example: I fly to Portland, Oregon from southern California in four+ hours door to door. Last time I made the trip by commercial carrier it cost me twice what I would spend flying myself solo and because of various transit snags took 10½ hours door to door.

Airparks constitute affordable housing for avid fliers, with the additional attraction of having everything in one place. Simplicity. Plus the highly valued experience of being part of a community, both technical and non-technical. Conveniences include the shop of one's dreams a few steps away. Every-day progress on a project becomes easy, vs daily trips to and from the airport which can discourage and complicate the life of a busy pilot and aviation enthusiast.

We can quickly develop a practical and compelling site plan that safely and efficiently folds your airport operations together with proposed airpark operations, and illustrates return on investment for your airport or private enterprise.