Aviation Design

What might make your facility a hands-down choice for fliers?

A great destination for a $100 burger, affordable fuel, over-night stay, tie down, aviators' community, home base, deluxe hangars, enterprise flight operations…
Aviators have choices – it’s a highly competitive merchants’ market; or it’s not. We can help to make yours a first-pick in flight planning for business & recreational fliers.

Let’s design a compelling solution that satisfies all of your concerns,
and yields more than the sum of the parts.

How will your facility prosper? Let’s solve that puzzle too.

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What might make you a business & revenue magnet?

Improvements in safety and amenities invite more flights and happier pilots. You'll attract the most competent operators and the best aviation service providers by generating advantage for their success; those lead to fuller occupancy, boosted revenues, better insurance premiums and satisfaction all around.

We can update your Layout Plan (ALP / HLP) of record and plan new improvements for the next decade. Thorough planning and highly successful project outcomes are two peas in a pod.

Much preparation is required to get an aviation site ready to break ground.
Get us involved early.

Privately-owned aviation facilities -- not federally obligated -- constitute 78.5% of those in the U.S. Funding and return on investment (ROI) are always at play: for initial airport development, operation, expansion and improvements. Thoughtful design can strengthen ROI through a compelling strategic plan for the future of your facility. Opportunities include:

  • Businesses with facilities adjacent to your airport can enjoy the benefits of flight operations directly from their property. This boosts airport revenues through a well-designed access agreement. Special circumstances may demand that a private enterprise build a new aviation facility for their business purposes.
  • Residential hangars, crew quarters and airparks are extremely popular among avid fliers. These can be totally self-contained and private use only or, as in many cases, on or connected to a public-use airport. Designing elegant ways to consolidate owners' properties can be both financially and operationally attractive to flier-residents. Again, an access agreement can provide significant revenue to the airport.
  • A top notch sandwich place is a 100+ year-old tradition at airfields; private or not.
  • Recover to 'better than before' condition from unexpected setbacks: fire, weather, flooding, mishap.
  • Read about restoration and re-licensing of Santa Paula Airport, 2005

    A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
    Antoine de Saint Exupéry