The principles called for when optimizing design apply to all challenges when an idea or a project is being studied -- where feasibility and viability must be demonstrated, and funding, preliminary approval, entitlement, implementation and unqualified success are in the balance. That surely applies to the categories of endeavor discussed on this site.

In my view a Designer's tasks include:

Introducing possibilities, elements, functionality, optimal refinement, conditions of satisfaction and elegance -- in utilily & use of resource --
that you would not have known to specify. Anything less is unacceptable.

Please look over these materials to whet your appetite for possibilities that could improve your planning, your facilities and your operations. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the work illustrated here, and about challenges facing you.

Santa Paula Airport Layout Plan

After the destruction of the runway by winter storm flood damage from the Santa Clara River, this drawing was originally submitted to and approved by CalTrans Division of Aeronautics in 2005 for airport re-licensing, following airport restoration and airport safety & beautification improvements. Updated here, 2011.
Read story about restoration of Santa Paula Airport 2005

Rincon Helispot 25A: Heliport Layout Plan

A clean-sheet design for a private enterprise that streamlines operations to include daily relocation of personnel via helo between main plant and off-shore platforms along a coastal region in Southern California. Plans included construction documents and were approved by CalTrans Aeronautics, FAA and various Ventura County agencies. Special challenges included: Conditional Use Permit criteria, two nearby noise-sensitive beach communities, prevailing winds, steep coastal terrain, significant and tall on-site obstacles as well as specific client needs to make the facility viable and cost effective.

Santa Paula 37 Aviators Airpark:
Airspace Study & Operational Plan

This proposed piece of aviators' heaven is close under the FAR Part77 Transition Surface and required extensive detailing & negotiation to assure CalTrans and the FAA of safe operations. Work included: an Airport-Airpark Operational Safety Plan; Airpark Site Plan with thoughtful building placement on the limited parcel allowing several more hangars than originally requested; A FAR Part77 Airspace Study; Architectural detailing of mezzanine-hangar residences

This illustrates the 20:1 Approach-Departure surface in both dispaced and undisplaced locations. Improvements promised by the project to remove long-standing wires & poles will allow the runway threshold displacement to be reduced by 140 feet.

These are residential units above hangar-work spaces within the Airpark, with many user-defined features. This consolidation constitutes affordable housing for avid fliers, and is a great pleasure and value.

Hangar Home - Deluxe Bath Remodel

This was a full structural and aesthetic renovation due to poor construction & water leak damage. The intent was to create a warm and finely appointed room in an otherwise utilitarian space.

As-built images. Notable details are: the frameless glass shower, honed marble wall tile and contrasting blue oyster grout, the millwork in teak, rosewood and clear redwood, the patterned floor and splash tile areas. At completion this project drew two comments: From the client: "This is the most cheerful space in my house"; and from a colleague: "No one does work like this." The detailed CAD work on display during construction assured full client awareness and a high fidelity outcome.

Kelso Valley Airport: ALP

This is the restoration and substantial upgrade of an old glider strip in a world-class soaring location. Future improvements on the 300± acre site may include hangars and deluxe club accommodations. CalTrans Aeronautics approval.

Airshow Waiver & Briefing Illustration

This is the second air show following the restoration of SZP in 2005. Van Nuys FSDO appreciated the detail of this waiver drawing, both in information and illustration; they considered it a strong indication of commitment to safety for this event, with their compliments.