Safety Project for Uncontrolled Airports: As a community we need to do better

Like many pilots, safety is my top priority. It is no surprise that EAA and NTSB have safety on their most wanted list, and State Departments of Transportation and FAA have a squad of safety officers circulating through the system looking for ways to raise the bar on safe operations. Read full safety paper with images

This challenge is best addressed by all concerned.

Most small airports could use a further boost in safety. We are currently working on a project that will have pilots more aware of issues that could significantly enhance safety of operations at uncontrolled airports. Pilots, airport managers and others interested in this program are encouraged to contact us to discuss the various aspects of our project. AIM Section 4-1-9 reminds us that there is no substitute for alertness and situational awareness in the vicinity of an airport. Everyone involved wants to be operating in a safer environment, and so far no one has seen a solution. Go To: Airport Safety page

Please check this website often for updates on this project, which promises to add significant value in promoting safer operations at uncontrolled airports.